About Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a center of genuine religious devotion to the Blessed Mother; a sacred place of prayer, recollection and spiritual refreshment with a full program of sacramental and pastoral activities. Our mission as an Archdiocesan shrine is to promote devotion to the Mother of God - under the beloved title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel -to all its parishioners and to all communities within the Archdiocese of Chicago at large.

For over a century the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel has been honored in Melrose Park by Italian immigrants and their descendants. Now the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a multi-ethnic place of pilgrimage and worship for all those who wish to honor Her.

The Society of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Society of the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was established in 2001 for the express purpose of maintaining and traditions and culture of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (as it was originally presented by the founders and by those who followed the devotion to La Madonna Del Carmine). In addition, the Society will endeavor to re-establish this oldest and largest Italian Feast as a premier religious celebration in the Chicago area. As part of this Mission, the Society will also maintain the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Societies, Sodalities, Organizations

Since the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel arrived in Melrose Park in 1894, devotion to the Blessed Mother has inspired the creation of many sodalities and societies that promote Her love and the love of Her Son. Some current societies and sodalities that come to the Shrine for various events include:

  • St. Anthony Society
  • Padre Pio Prayer Group
  • San Biaggio Plantani
  • Santa Maria Addolorata
  • Madonna del Arco
  • The Good Friday Society
  • St. Michael Society
  • St. Joseph Table

Our growing Hispanic population includes many fervent devotees of the Blessed Mother. Sodalities, societies and organizations representing these parishioners include:

  • Grupo de Cursillos de Cristandian
  • Grupo de Oracion Carismatica
  • Grupo de estudio Biblico
  • Grupo de adolescentes – Jovenes para Cristo
  • Gropo de Jovenes adultos – Unidos en Cristo

Please send us an email at olmcshrinemp@gmail.com or contact the rectory (708-344-4140) if you would like more information about these organizations.